Wednesday 29 September 2010


Dale 26/09/2010

Headed to Dale for 1pm as the wind looked like it had dropped and we fancied trying to fish over the wreck of the Dakotian. Managed to get the fish finder working again but spent ages trying to find the wreck! Spoke to a couple of fishermen in a small boat and asked them about the wreck and they hadn't been able to find it either! There is a large buoy with Dakotian written down the middle, so that seemed like a good clue!! The wreck is actually 100 metres north west of the buoy and there are some other marker buoys nearby so once we located it all was well. Didn't catch a thing myself, but Phil caught a gurnard and two dogfish! No mackerel about either. Wind was also quite strong coming from the west and wasn't pleasant. Nice to get out though.

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